13 After the Conference

The time has come to reflect on the conference you organized, the achievements your team made, your contributions to the R community, and what you can now share from your experience and learning so that the next team can benefit and stop “reinventing the wheel”.

Some of the tasks that are left after the conference include:

  • __Prepare and send certificate of attendance for those who have requested one (collecting this information during registration makes the work easier). It might be easier to prepare and send these automatically to everyone based automatically after the conference by email, using the badge information.
  • A final meeting with the team. Thank and acknowledge the team effort and open the channels to gather input about what went well, what went wrong, and what could improve
  • A financial wrap-up. Make sure that all the contractors sent their invoices and all the pending payments were done
  • Ensuring the availability and accessibility of conference materials. As mentioned in the accesibility guide, the final transcripts and subtitles for the recorded material have to be finished prior to uploading the recorded materials to the R Consortium Youtube channel. A member of the accessibility team can request temporary access to this channel.
  • Sending the Forwards survey to the participants if you did not do it during the conference. You can coordinate this with the Forwards survey team.
  • Updating this useR! Knowledgebase with new information, corrections, and suggestions based on your experience. Check the contribution guide in the next section.