A Templates

In the upcoming subsections templates for Emails, forms for survey, agendas, visuals, type of submissions, websites, etc. can be found.

A.1 Email to Volunteers

A.1.1 Email to get acknowledgment of participation

Dear all,

You (or one of your supervisor, probably me btw) have
accepted to let you help us organize useR! 20XX. The deal
will be that you will be involved in the organization for
two days in the conference (among the three days of the
conference) and for half of the tutorial day. `Person 1`,
`Person 2` and `Person 3` (at least) you will also help
us on Monday at the conference center. In exchange of
that, you are offered a free ticket for the conference
(for the third day and also for one tutorial) and for the
gala dinner (at `Location`).

Can you please fill the following form: `add link here`,
so that we can count you in our organizing team? 

Thank you in advance,

A.1.1.1 Email to collect volunteer details

Dear students

You agreed to help the organization committee during the
useR!20XX conference. To plan everyone's task, could you
please provide the following information:

1. Phone number
2. Level of English : Native, Fluent, Intermediate, Unconfortable
3. Other language in which you are, at least, fluent
4. Are you available on (add conference dates here).

Best regards,
The organisation committee

A.1.1.2 Email to volunteers, a week before the conference

Dear all,

For those who don't know me, I am [Nathalie Vialaneix]( http://www.nathalievialaneix.eu/) head of the organization committee of useR! 20XX. Welcome on board!

This message is addressed to the members of the
organization committee, XX (number) volunteer students.
It is written in English because not all people
understand French in these two lists.

**Person 1** and **Person 2**: 

can you confirm your participation? This is very
important and urgent at this stage that you answer the
previous email sent by the organizer.

I would first like to thank you all to have accepted to
support the organization of the conference. I hope that
you will enjoy the event and that we will have fun making
it a success.

You will find attached the agenda for Tuesday (the
tutorial day). This day is the most complicated to
organize because:

1. You have all expressed a wish to assist to one particular tutorial (that I took into account) 
2. We have 9 sessions in parallel
3. This is the first day so we expect a high pressure at the welcome desk and luggage storage

Everyone is given a specific task for exactly half of the
day, as announced, except for Camille C who is involved
both during the morning and the afternoon (but, in the
morning it is in the tutorial that you have chosen and as
a backup for Lukas who will be the main person in charge
in the room). Some of you are also called to help us
during morning and afternoon breaks and during lunch time
but it should be a very light support (only directing
people to spaces that are less crowded if we have an
uneven distribution of the participants in the different
spaces). Further descriptions of what we will expect from
you will be sent later, as well as the agenda for the
other days. But I wanted to send Tuesday agenda ahead
because it is the most difficult to handle. So, please,
let me know (with a private message) if I made something
wrong in it (like forgetting to let you assist to the
tutorial that you have chosen).

You can also send me questions if you have some.

See you soon!


A.1.2 Email to all registered participants

Note: Since this mail is going to be very important for all participants, you can use this template from the previous conference.

This email can be broken down into the following components:

  1. Travel Information

    1. Participant Arrival
    2. Currency related information
    3. Detail about the conference location
  2. The Conference

    1. About the venue
    2. Conference program details and timelines
    3. WiFi information
  3. Around the conference

    1. Social programs
    2. Other events
    3. Social media
    4. Sponsor information