F useR! 2021 Frequently Asked Questions


Answering your most asked questions, as simple as that!

F.1 What is a MaRmot?

  • A MaRmot is a helper in our main conference lobby THE LOUNGE
  • Help people find their way in The Lounge, have the program in hand and tell them how to go to another session, contact someone, etc
  • Modify user profiles and roles if necessary, create channels, ban people, kick out people from channels, kick out people from The Lounge, delete inappropriate messages.

F.2 Who are Zoom Hosts?

  • Host Zoom webinars / tutorials

  • Take the technical burden off the Session chair

  • Admit speakers, chairs and captioners to Zoom

  • Start the webinar and the livestream

  • Help the host manage questions

  • Play prerecorded videos

  • Mute people if necessary

  • For tutorials:

    • Mute people, or in the worst case remove them
    • Distribute people into groups

F.3 Different Social Events during useR!?

  • rechaRge: Yoga, hang out, booths, Social touch-points
  • mixR: ‘Open’ Bar Party/ Networking events with DJ and speed-R-ting -
  • useR!-Newbies networking Event
  • Award Ceremony

F.4 Questions for Post event satisfaction survey?

  • Did you participate yes/no and especially why did you NOT participate: was it time, money, accessibility and internet connection, content (interest).
  • Did you ask for a waiver, did you ask for financial support / If you did not, did you know about them?
  • What did you assist (keynotes, rt, ep, tut, social events)
  • How did you like them
  • Do you use accessibility practices
  • How would you rate the accessibility practices this year
  • Open field to comment about accessibility practices
  • How did you like the registration process, the chat system, the overall format of the conference