16 About us

16.1 Contributors to the useR! knowledgebase project

The contributors to the useR! knowledgebase are, in alphabetical order:

  • Matt Bannert
  • Yanina Bellini Saibene (maintainer)
  • Liz Hare (maintainer)
  • Dorothea Hug Peter (maintainer)
  • Rocío Joo (steering committee)
  • Natalia Morandeira
  • Sangeet Moy Das
  • Andrea Sánchez-Tapia (steering committee)
  • Noa Tamir (steering committee)
  • Heather Turner (maintainer)
  • Nathalie Vialaneix (maintainer)

16.2 Citation

To cite the useR! knowledgebase please use:

Sánchez-Tapia, A., Tamir, N., Moy Das, S., Bellini Saibene, Y., Joo, R., Morandeira, N., Hug Peter, D., Vialaneix, N., Bannert, M., Turner, H., 2021. useR! Knowledgebase [WWW Document]. URL https://rconf.gitlab.io/userknowledgebase/ (date of access).

    author = {{S{\'a}nchez-Tapia}, Andrea and Tamir, Noa and Moy Das, Sangeet and Bellini Saibene, Yanina and Joo, Roc{\'\i}o and Morandeira, Natalia and Hug Peter, Dorothea and Vialaneix, Nathalie and Bannert, Matt and Turner, Heather},
    howpublished = {https://rconf.gitlab.io/userknowledgebase/},
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16.3 License

The useR! knowledgebase is under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license